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Travel with Dianne to Tibet and on her Motivational Speaking Tours

About Dianne Aigaki

Motivational Speaker

  • Art and Social Change
  • Citizen Diplomacy -How One Person Makes a Difference in the World
  • Courage to Excel
  • From Dream to Reality-Creating Your Life through the Life List
  • Significant Philanthropy–The Quest for a Donor Who Shares the Vision of Your Organization
  • Teaching Compassion to Children
  • Unstoppable Women

Artist (Current Exhibitions in Progress)

  • Wildflowers Growing in Tibet at 11,000-18,000 Feet Altitude
  • The Voyage of the Endeavour- 1768-1771 (Recreated Maps, Journal Entries from the Crew and Botanical Illustrations)
  • The Sacramento Delta

Consultant to Nonprofits Worldwide on Project Development, Grant-Writing and Fund-Raising


Tour Leader to Asia

Dianne Aigaki has led a multi-faceted life, working as a consultant to nonprofit organizations (training nonprofits worldwide in project development and writing solid funding proposals) and as an artist in various media.  She lives part of the year in India, part in Mexico, and spends the summers in Eastern Tibet where she is completing a documentation project of wildflowers growing at 11,000-18,000 feet altitude and leading the Dream of the Turquoise Bee Tours to Kham.

She is a well-known motivational speaker and has a multi-disciplinary approach to her work and presentations, tying in the botanical aspects to education, women’s exploration, cultural diplomacy, and environmental conservation. Dianne is a member of the Society of Women Geographers and WINGS WorldQuest, carrying the WINGS expedition flag into Tibet in 2007.

The Aigaki Tibet botanicals (there are currently 47 paintings in the collection) have been exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Society in London (Bronze Medal), Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and the Minnesota Landcsape Arboretum in Minneapolis.

Dianne is currently completing a novel called The Dream of the Turquoise Bee, a mystery that takes place in Tibet after the Cultural Revolution, and working on a series of paintings that follow the voyage of the tall ship the Endeavour around the world from 1768-1771. The paintings include maps that track the route of the Endeavour (Brazil, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia and Java) , replicas of the actual botanical illustrations completed by Sydney Parkinson and passages from his diaries.



  1. hi dianne,
    great entry into blog world.
    thanks for sending it to me!

    Comment by Jean Rapp | November 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hey Dianne,
    I heard about you and your trips through Tibet from Eileena Morrow.
    I am interested in this photography tour in July.
    My brother is turning 30 and he will travel in Inida and we want to make him a gift, a unique tour.
    Could you give me more information about the photo tour, whta is required for that tour and where it starts and where it ends and of course as well the costs of this.

    Thank you

    Comment by Sofia | December 7, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hi Dianne,
    I came across your blog while looking for the motifs of nature and plants, somehow exotic for me so could inspire me to paint a new picture. As a little girl I made my own life list with the items which some people thought as something impossible to achieve. Well, I still fulfill and “tick” the accomplished dreams, and add new ones believing to come true one day. I need to tell you that I am very impressed by all the things you’ve managed to do so far. I really admire your strong will, determination and above all the fact that you share your brilliant knowledge and talent with other people. I wish you all the best! – Monika

    Comment by Monika | December 11, 2010 | Reply

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